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Frequently Asked Questions

Anatolian Iooc

For all the details about the competition rules click here.

You can use the "register to contest" option on www.anatolianiooc.com to register and send your samples to the competition.

You can pay for the registeration fee by Online Credit Card or transfer.(Transfer fees,additional expenses and taxes are not Anatolian IOOC's responsibility.)

If you can not find the Olive Variety of your product,you can choose a similar variety and add the exact variety as a note.

You can register to Anatolian IOOC with more than one product. A discount will be applied for registeration with 3 or more products.

After your registeration,if you made the payment by Online Credit Card,you will receive a "PAYMENT RECEIVED" email to the email address you used for contact info.For payments made by transfer,your status will change after payment controls and you will receive a  "PAYMENT RECEIVED" email to the email address you used for contact info. You can also use the Sign-In page to check your registeration status.

You must send the samples before the 20 April 2023. No samples sent after the 20 April 2023 will be accepted.

AnatolIan Iooc