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About the Contest

  • Competition Rules

    Thank you for your interest in this competition. ANATOLIAN IOOC is an international olive oil competition. Please read the rules stated below carefully. To register to the competition and follow the right procedure you should agree to these rules and approve this. In the case of your registration, you are agreeing to the 10-item rules stated below.


    To enter Anatolian IOOC, your product must be produced in the 2022 - 2023 harvest year and sold by individuals or companies.

    1. Olive oil producers
    2. Olive oil businesses
    3. Production facilities
    4. Producer cooperatives and unions
    5. Businesses that produce, bottle, or sell branded EVOO
    All samples must be under EVOO or Flavored Olive Oil categories. Sample registration should be done only over www.anatolianiooc.com


    Participants should fill out the registration forms thoroughly and pay the registration fee by Online Credit Card or EFT using the Sign-Up or Sign-In options on the website.
    After the payment, participants will receive a confirmation email. After you confirm the email, under no circumstances there will be a refund for the registration fee and other expenses.

    Registration Start Date: 01 October 2023
    End Date: 01 April 2024


    Anatolian IOOC competition fee,

    For each (one) sample for 200 € each.
    Up to 5 (five) samples 175 € each.
    Between 5 (five) and 8 (eight) samples 150 € each.
    More than 8 (eight) samples 110 € each.
    You can use the Online Credit Card option on the website or send through EFT. It takes up to 10 days for our bank account to receive payment through EFT. Any expenses of EFT should be covered by the sender. Any missing payment is the responsibility of the participant. After the payment, you must send the transfer Swift documents to info@anatolianiooc.com

    After the payments, under no circumstances there will be a refund for the registration fee and other expenses
    Bank Name Denizbank
    Swift Code: DENITRIS
    IBAN No: TR 22 0013 4000 0187 8485 2000 02 (Euro)
    TR 49 0013 4000 0187 8485 2000 01 (TL)
    Branch Name: Akhisar
    Branch Code: 2620 - Akhisar Şube
    Account Number: 2620-18784852-352 (Euro)
    2620-18784852-351  (TL)
    Account Name: Anatolian IOOC

  • 4. Competition Samples

    Participants should agree their samples are commercial products. Samples sent, must be the same as their sold products in terms of brand, bottle, content, label, packaging, and product quantity. All competition samples must be exactly the same as sold products. Products without labels and non-eligible to selling won’t be accepted to the competition.

    For each sample registration:

    100 ml - 150 ml Bottles 5 pcs
    200 ml - 250 ml Bottles 4 pcs
    300 ml - 475 ml Bottles 3 pcs
    500 ml - 750 ml - 1 L Bottles 2 pcs
    Under no circumstances, the samples that are received by Anatolian IOOC will be returned.
    You must add the Registration Code and the Registration Form you will receive after the registration to the package.



    Samples must be delivered to ANATOLIAN IOOC on or before 01 April 2024.

    Shipments should be sent as early as possible as there may be delays in shipping. We will try to receive samples that arrive late, please send your samples as soon as possible.
    It is the competitor's responsibility to send the samples properly. Anatolian IOOC is not responsible for delayed delivery, lost, broken or damaged samples.


    All expenses for shipping must be covered by the participants. If not, Anatolian IOOC won’t receive the packages or cover any expenses.
    Anatolian IOOC is not responsible for any shipping expenses, customs fees, or taxes. Shipping expenses cannot be refunded.

    Sample shipping address:
    Anatolian IOOC – International Olive Oil Competition

    Address: Çoruk Mahallesi Çoruk Sokak No:91/2
    Zip Code: 10702
    Country / Province: Türkiye / Balıkesir / Burhaniye
    Contact: +90 530 109 7302 (Birsen Pehlivan)
    Packages should be sent with Proforma. To avoid the packages being stuck at customs, proforma should be filled out as shown below.
    You can prepare your proforma invoice on registration page

    Samples selling value was generally around 1 € and it should be mentioned in the receipts.
    Packages should not be sent through the highway. Anatolian IOOC is not responsible for any package that is sent through the highway.
    DHL and UPS work without problems in Turkey, we don’t encourage using FedEx or TNT.
    You will receive an email when your packages are received by Anatolian IOOC.
    You should rest assured once your samples are received by us, they will be preserved perfectly in Anatolian IOOC’s heat-controlled warehouses.


    Panel leaders chosen by the competition committee will choose the jury members and carry out the sample tasting. The samples will be evaluated and classified following the International Olive Oil Council’s Rules.

    The samples will be prepared by  technical manager of the competition in a completely isolated environment, in a way that shows no labels or branding.

    The evaluation forms are organized accordingly to IOC instructions, will grade the samples between 0-100, and will be in a design created for Anatolian IOOC 2024
    The competition will include 4 categories, Monovarietal, Blend, Organic, and Flavored.

    Special Mesopotamian Prize For The 3 Highest Scoring Participants
    Best Of Country

    Best in Class: 95,5 – 100 points
    Gold : 85 – 100 points
    Silver : 70 – 84,5 points
    You can object once (1) to competition results in 15 days after the results have been announced. After the objection, the tasting will be redone. Anatolian IOOC is not responsible for any issues caused by the results.

  • 8. PRIZE

    The participants who won prizes will be announced on our website on the 23 of April 2024.

    The prizes will be given out by the President of The Committee to their owners in the planned event. In addition to those, the winner of “Best in Class”,  “Best in Country” and '' Special Mesopotamia'' prizes, will receive plates.

    The winning products can use the logos and the medals only for the products that are produced in the same year with the same brand for commercial trade. The logo can not be used for the next year’s products.


    Anatolian IOOC holds the right to analyze the samples in an independent laboratory.

    Anatolian IOOC holds the rights to compare analyze and document the products that have the same name and brand on the market to the samples that won prizes.
    The samples sent to the competition are non-refundable.

     The samples will be preserved in Anatolian IOOC’s warehouses for 60 days after the announcement of the results and the samples will be donated to appropriate organization.

    The participants are responsible for the information on the registration forms. They will be taken into account during the competition and in case of discrepancy, no objection will be accepted.

    The competition committee holds the right to cancel the competition in case of pandemics, natural disasters, etc. In a situation where the competition is canceled, the registration fees will be refunded excluding any customs and shipping fees. The samples will not be refunded. In case of a cancellation, the samples will be destroyed by the committee.


    The rules of Anatolian IOOC were made by the competition committee on 01/01/2020 and were revised on 15/09/2022. Anatolian IOOC holds the right to change the competition rules. Competition Rules is an official paper that is presented to the participants on our website. In case of a disagreement with the Anatolian IOOC organizers, the Laws of the Republic of Turkey will apply and the disagreement will be solved by the Courts of the Republic of Turkey. In the case of the mentioned issues, the laws and courts of the participant's country of origin will not be applied.

    This contract is published in Turkish, English, Spanish.

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