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Anatolian IOOC competition fee,
For each (one) sample for 200 € each.
Up to 5 (five) samples 175 € each.
Between 5 (five) and 8 (eight) samples 150 € each.
More than 8 (eight) samples 110 € each.
You can use the Online Credit Card option on the website or send through EFT. It takes up to 10 days for our bank account to receive payment through EFT. Any expenses of EFT should be covered by the sender. Any missing payment is the responsibility of the participant. After the payment, you must send the transfer Swift documents to info@anatolianiooc.com

After the payments, under no circumstances there will be a refund for the registration fee and other expenses
Bank Name Denizbank
Swift Code: DENITRIS
IBAN No: TR 22 0013 4000 0187 8485 2000 02 (Euro)
TR 49 0013 4000 0187 8485 2000 01 (TL)
Branch Name: Akhisar
Address: Paşa Mah. 19.(mustafa Abut) Cad. No:80/1A Akhisar Manisa
Branch Code: 2620 - Akhisar Şube
Account Number: 2620-18784852-352 (Euro)
2620-18784852-351  (TL)
Account Name: Anatolian IOOC

AnatolIan Iooc