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All expenses for shipping must be covered by the participants. If not, Anatolian IOOC won’t receive the packages or cover any expenses.
Anatolian IOOC is not responsible for any shipping expenses, customs fees, or taxes. Shipping expenses cannot be refunded.

Sample shipping address:
Anatolian IOOC – International Olive Oil Competition
Address: Çoruk Mahallesi Çoruk Sokak No:91/2
Zip Code: 10702
Country / Province: Türkiye / Balıkesir / Burhaniye
Contact: +90 530 109 7302 (Birsen Pehlivan)
Packages should be sent with Proforma. To avoid the packages being stuck at customs, proforma should be filled out as shown below.
You can prepare your proforma invoice on registration page

Samples selling value was generally around 1 € and it should be mentioned in the receipts.
Packages should not be sent through the highway. Anatolian IOOC is not responsible for any package that is sent through the highway.
DHL and UPS work without problems in Turkey, we don’t encourage using FedEx or TNT.
You will receive an email when your packages are received by Anatolian IOOC.
You should rest assured once your samples are received by us, they will be preserved perfectly in Anatolian IOOC’s heat-controlled warehouses.

AnatolIan Iooc