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4. Competition Samples

Participants should agree their samples are commercial products. Samples sent, must be the same as their sold products in terms of brand, bottle, content, label, packaging, and product quantity. All competition samples must be exactly the same as sold products. Products without labels and non-eligible to selling won’t be accepted to the competition.

For each sample registration:
100 ml - 150 ml Bottles 5 pcs
200 ml - 250 ml Bottles 4 pcs
300 ml - 475 ml Bottles 3 pcs
500 ml - 750 ml - 1 L Bottles 2 pcs
Under no circumstances, the samples that are received by Anatolian IOOC will be returned.
You must add the Registration Code and the Registration Form you will receive after the registration to the package.


AnatolIan Iooc