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Anatolian IOOC holds the right to analyze the samples in an independent laboratory.

Anatolian IOOC holds the rights to compare analyze and document the products that have the same name and brand on the market to the samples that won prizes.
The samples sent to the competition are non-refundable.

 The samples will be preserved in Anatolian IOOC’s warehouses for 60 days after the announcement of the results and the samples will be donated to appropriate organization.

The participants are responsible for the information on the registration forms. They will be taken into account during the competition and in case of discrepancy, no objection will be accepted.

The competition committee holds the right to cancel the competition in case of pandemics, natural disasters, etc. In a situation where the competition is canceled, the registration fees will be refunded excluding any customs and shipping fees. The samples will not be refunded. In case of a cancellation, the samples will be destroyed by the committee.

AnatolIan Iooc